Important Reasons Why You Should Never Download Random DLL Files

Important Reasons Why You Should Never Download Random DLL Files

Dynamic Link Library, or what is widely known as dll files, holds quite an essential role in managing and maintaining the process of Windows’ operations. It basically enables the users to open more than one applications at the same time by sharing the information needed by different codes in different application systems. The presence of this library files is to ensure the smooth operation as well as managing the memory saving.

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Applying the dll files, however, is not without any problem. Its absence from the device, for instance, can lead to quite a headache since it is not something that can be fixed quickly. Please note that dll files differ from the exe files that you can double-click before it finally runs effortlessly. With the library files, things can be quite complicated. One way to solve the problem of its absence in your computer is by downloading the new files available pretty much everywhere on the Internet. However, you should never do this as it will bring harm to your gadgets. Here are the reasons why.

Outdated Files

computer system on the screen with dark blue backgroundEvery technology user knows that new development is available every day. It is easy to find and happens almost all the time that the application you need is no longer compatible with the device you are holding. The reason, the newer version has been launched to replace the older version.

It also happens to dll files. With all the massive movement regarding the system building, finding the suitable files that support your device can be frustrating. Therefore, downloading random files is something you should never do as it will damage your computer.


It may sound quite related to the outdated files problem. However, bear in mind that even the most updated files can be incompatible with your computer. What is the reason for this? It is because the files you are downloading is not the ones coming from the original developer. Thus, incompatibility can happen if you download dll files from random sites.

Infected Files

Another reason why you should never take any random thing from the Internet is the virus. Those harmful things are lurking and waiting for us to come and bite the bait. It is always possible that the library files you are downloading contain ones and it will only be the matter of time before your gadgets eventually crash down. Selecting only the files from the official links provided on the trusted sites can be an excellent life-saver for cases like this. Never hesitate to contact the trusted source whenever you have similar problems.…