World War Two Pearl Harbor (Review)

World War Two Pearl Harbor from Box of I.D.E.As. is a kit containing ten modules exploring the events leading up to, including, and following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Each module has a portion of text to read to your students, Extension activities, Web Links, a worksheet, and a game. Everything you need is in the box except for simple supplies such as pens, pencils, rulers, and scissors. On the outside of each module, you’ll find a list of contents, possible supplies needed, and a quote that you can use for copywork.

How I used this:
Before we used each module, I opened the one for that day, chose which Extension activities I wanted the kids to do, checked out the web links, and looked over the game. Only a couple of games needed any preparation such as cutting the pieces out. Once I knew what I wanted from the module, I gathered the kids around.

I read aloud the text which we all found interesting. Then I’d go over the extensions. Some of them we did together such as the research type activities. Others I assigned for later. One of our favorite extension activities was making up headlines about events related to our family or community.

World War Two Pearl Harbor Modules include:

Before Becoming A Base
Beginning of a Naval Presence
A Week Before the Attack
Day of Infamy
Day After the Attack
Weeks After the Attack
Six Months After the Attack
A Year After The Attack
Victory Over Japan
Decades After the Attack

After that, we explored the web links and found some really neat videos, interactive presentations, and other cool things that added to the study. Some notebook pages we did together, and others I had them do on their own. The kids enjoyed adding these, and the copies of real documents, to their history notebooks.

To end the study, we all played the game together. There were a couple of games the kids didn’t enjoy as much, but for the most part, these added a neat aspect to the study. I love that some of the cards have real pictures. Their favorite game is the Longest Morning timeline game in the Day of Infamy module. One of our games had a print error, but we were still able to figure out the word it was supposed to make.

Overall, this study gave us a sobering look at a terrible event in our history, and of war itself. The kids learned how a quiet morning was shattered, how some possible forewarnings were missed, and how the United States rallied. They learned that war is a series of battles with wins and losses, and a lot of casualties. Our discussions were a treasured part of this study.

The neat thing is we happened to have a couple of books on Pearl Harbor, plus, they found some at the library. I have a feeling this study is not over yet. I love when curriculum sparks curiosity, and makes them hungry for more.

World War Two Pearl Harbor is available as a physical box for $79 or in PDF form for $49. There aren’t any ages listed, but I used this with my kids ages 9, 13, and 16.

Visit the links to find out more about the World War Two Pearl Harbor study or the other studies from Box of I.D.E.As. They have a list of more studies coming in the future. You can also find them on their brand new Twitter page or on Facebook.


Disclosure: I received a free curriculum kit to review. All information was correct to the best of my knowledge at the time this review was written. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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