What’s For Dinner, Mom? by Lorrie Flem – Review

I am not a fan of cooking. Except those rare moments when I’m trying something new or being creative. So when I knew this book was up for review, I groaned just a little. I have to say, I am so glad we reviewed What’s For Dinner, Mom? this month. Oh my. Where should I start?

This wonderful gem of a book discusses several different versions of ‘bulk cooking’ for starters. Now, I’m familiar with bulk cooking, and have even attempted it. However, Lorrie discusses different ways this might look, and I’ve been inspired to try again – only in a way that works for us.

I know it will save money and time. Plus, my kids are at an age where they can help – which puts five of us in an assembly line. And believe it or not, I suspect we might even enjoy the process.

With getting our home ready to sell, a move hopefully not too far off, a busy summer, company coming…well, meals in the freezer would be a blessing right about now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

One tool I’d like to get…

Lorrie also discusses freezer tips, kitchen tools, multi-tasking, kitchen organization, how to bring our kids into the process, and various other tips and tricks she’s learned along the way. I have a fresh new desire to revamp my kitchen and cooking practices.

The second part of the book are recipes she’s used in her own kitchen. A quick glance through looks like it will be easy to convert them to recipes that will work with our food allergies.

This section of the book also includes a sample menu plan, a list of recommended child training books, a list of homemaking books, and some blank forms for writing recipes on.

What’s For Dinner, Mom? by Lorrie Flem is a 196 page wire bound book available from Eternal Encouragement.

One Gabby Mom will have her review chosen as the winner this month, and one of that Gabby Mom’s readers, who leaves a comment, will also be chosen to receive a printed copy of What’s For Dinner, Mom? So, dear readers, leave a comment, and just maybe we will win.

I received this ebook from Eternal Encouragement for the purpose of reviewing it here on my blog. The opinions I expressed are mine, and based on my personal experience. The apple corer/slicer/peeler image contains an affiliate link for Amazon. You can read my full disclosure policy here.


  1. says

    I love your blog. It’s the first time I’ve stopped by. I was just given an apple, corer, peeler from Pampered Chef. I love it. We’ve also made curly fries with it using sweet potatoes and white potatoes.
    Jen B. recently posted:IXL~Math~TOS Review

    • Audra Marie says

      Oh – curly fries would be fun! Good idea. :) Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing! We moved last fall and the last thing I wanted to do at the time was cook. I wish I had thought of freezer cooking. I hope it makes the transition easier for your family.

    • Audra Marie says

      Thanks, Carie. I’m thinking it will definitely be helpful especially since we have food allergies, and would be more likely to eat fast food or something not good for that. Thanks for coming by. :)

  3. says

    I love Cooking, but hate clean up! This book sounds great, and I have heard of bulk cooking, just not sure I could do it…no freezer. But sometimes I just want to pull something out of the freezer so maybe I should consider doing it more. Love your blog! Lots of good stuff:)
    Stephanie @ Harrington Harmonies recently posted:Tri Color Root Veggie Bake

    • Audra Marie says

      Thanks, Stephanie. I have a freezer, but I don’t use it to it’s full potential. Yet. :)

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