Spiritually Stronger in 40 Days by Serge Roux-Levrat (Review)

I know it seems like all I’ve been writing lately are reviews. Sometimes I have to percolate my thoughts a bit before I can get them out – where they are exposed. It’s hard to be vulnerable when you feel empty. And emptiness comes from not filling up. I’m thirsty for Living Water and hungry for the Bread of Life. I need to eat and drink until I’m filled. I need to allow God to empty me out, fill me to overflowing, and pour me out where need be. All that to say you will see more from me besides reviews. Soon. On to the review…

I only had three weeks rather than 40 days in which to review this book, so I read it at a faster pace than I would have liked. At first, I found myself thinking this was some positive thinking mantra. Yet, the words rang true. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I am missing something vital in my faith walk. Ironically, that would be FAITH. The kind that says to the mountain move, and it does. I haven’t grasped the real power I have as a daughter of God. Oh, Lord, teach me about your power, about real faith, like your disciples of old.

Serge Roux-Levrat makes you think. Here is one hard truth that smarted: “Are you one of those Christians who deliberately pick and choose which commands they obey and which they decide to ignore? Then be aware that by adopting such an attitude you reveal to Jesus that you do not really love Him. Why? Because He instructed us in John 14:15 to keep His commandments if we love Him.” Oh ouch. Sometimes I do pick and choose what/when I obey. Sometimes I wrestle for control. Sometimes I walk in what I think is right. Only to find how wrong I am.

Let me share one more truth: “When we do works for Him, we should not do them in the hope that He will appreciate us more, but only because we love Him and want to honor Him for all that He did and keeps doing for us every single day.” I strive to earn His approval and His love. Truth is, I already have His love without doing anything. As for trying to gain His approval, is this life about me? Or is it about God? Am I choosing to work out my faith for my own benefit? Or am I doing everything unto the Lord? Tough questions to ask myself.

I want to be undone. Stripped away of self. I want to give all to Him. Scary. Wonderful.

Spiritually Stronger in 40 Days is one of those gems we stumble across. It’s a 40 Day faith journey. Each day is a short read and includes a homework assignment to help you apply what you’ve read. It’s not time consuming or overwhelming. I will be re-reading it as intended, and doing the homework. I’m looking forward to diving deeper, and letting the Holy Spirit speak into my life.

Spiritually Stronger in 40 Days is available on Amazon for your Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon has a Kindle app for your computer and other devices.

Serge Roux-Levrat, born in France, and living in Switzerland with his wife, is the Principal Ambassador for SRL Ministries. You can find out more about Serge on their website. You can also find SRL Ministries on Facebook.

Spiritually Stronger In 40 Days! from SRL Ministries on Vimeo.

By the way, the music in this video is awesome. Love it!

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