Seven Writing Books For Your Kindle

writing books on kindle

I love having a kindle. I started with the free Kindle for PC App, and then we were blessed with two Kindles thanks to my mother-in-love. As a writing mom, I love that I can read a book on writing while watching the kids at the park, on a trip, or waiting for an appointment.

Today, I’m sharing a list of kindle writing books from my To Read ‘pile’. All of these look good, have good reviews, and are free or inexpensive.

This book is $.99. It focus’ in on what God’s plan for your writing might be.

This book is a collection of essays from various authors. I’m looking forward to gleaning from their collective wisdom, and it’s free as of this posting.

Another free book as of this posting. It looks like a neat little resource for story development.

This book has no reviews, but it’s free, and looks interesting. Seems to be a workshop in a book type format.

This looks like a real quick read about details in your novel. It’s free as of now, and might have some gems in it.

Now this book is a little pricier, but still cheaper then a the print version. It’s $4.99, but has great reviews, and I know enough about the author to believe this will be a great addition to my library. I’m waiting to buy the paperback version.

I’m currently taking an online course by Edie Melson which has been really good. I look forward to reading her book, too. I imagine the information will be worth more than the $.99 it costs.

Do you have any good kindle books you’ve read or want to read? I’d love for you to share them in the comments. Don’t forget to link your writing, art, reviews, or creativity related posts below. I also have a new prompt this week if you want to use it, come back and link a post, that would be awesome.

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n. a source of inspiration; a poet.
v. to reflect or ponder; to gaze thoughtfully.

Mondays are perfect for finding inspiration as writers, artists, musicians…creatives. And who doesn’t like to reflect, ponder, and muse about life, and all it encompasses? That’s what A ‘Muse’ Me Mondays are all about. It’s a place to link up your thoughts on writing, music, and creativity. Share something that has inspired you: a novel, a song, an art piece. You can link to reviews of books or music. Anything related to writing (or reading), music, and creativity is welcome.

I’ll add a prompt or ‘muse’ each week. If it inspires you in some way, feel free to come back later in the week. You can share in the comments, by linking to your related post, or on the Facebook page.

PROMPT: Sometimes I simply must…
Use it to spark a poem, a song, a scene in a novel, a painting…whatever comes to mind.


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