Sassy Mugs


Now, I don’t mean sassy mugs as in mug shots. No, these sassy mugs are the kind your drink from. Well, they would be if I didn’t use them to hold pens, pencils, files, and other assorted scrap supplies. They make me smile whenever I see them. Which is not enough. I really should craft more.


I resemble this one a little too closely. Any tips on improving memory? You think I jest. Seriously, I’d love some ideas. Moving on.


Classy and sassy – perfect for Sassy Saturday, and for my classy and sassy visitors. Yes, you. I love these mugs. I bought them a while back at the Dollar Store. The brand is Royal Norfolk if anyone’s interested. Totally worth the $2.00 I spent for cute and fun craft room storage.

adj. Vigorous, lively; distinctively smart and stylish; chic

Fashion, makeup, hair styles, jewelry, cute products – Sassy Saturdays is for the girl in each of us. Share posts about beauty, reviews of sassy products, and anything else that adds a touch of beauty or elegance to our lives.

This isn’t really about handmade items (Whimsical Wednesdays would be a perfect fit). It’s more about something you would buy, an outfit you put together, a makeup trick you learned, or maybe an etsy store you’ve discovered. A bit of girly fun to bring out our feminine side.

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  1. says

    These mugs totally made me smile! Yes! Tips for improving memory, please. And sassy? I think I imagine myself to be much more sassy than I actually am… maybe it’s the introvert in me :) But I do like being chic!
    Michele-Lyn recently posted:TOGETHER {5 Minute Friday}

    • Audra Marie says

      I’m glad they made you smile, Michele-Lyn. I may be writing a post at some point on tips to improve our memories. I need it. :)

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