Risk – 5 Minute Friday

Risk. Vital. Perilous.

I must risk all of me,
give up all of me,
to be all of His.
I desire this,
but fear it all the same.

And the risk goes further.

I must risk to be a wife.
To love this man with passion.
With unselfish desire.
To love with abandon.

I must risk to be a mom.
Risk heartache.
Risk rejection.
Risk seeing myself – in them.
A mirror always present before me.

I must risk to really love.
To really live.

Risk my heart.

when I do let go of fear,
I soar.

I break free from this earth,
and I fly higher and higher.
Closer and closer to Him.

And I fall.

Deeper and deeper in love.
Fall deeper into grace.
Feel His embrace.

I feel the strength of a husband,
heart sore,
heart full
of love.
For me.
Even me.

And the children…
their smiles,
their giggles
– a healing balm.

Risk. Vital. Freeing.

One Thousand Gifts:

51. Risk.

52. Unconditional love from Him.

53. A husband’s heart overflowing with love for me.

54. Smiles, giggles and hugs from children.

55. Life.

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