1. amandab says

    Those kind of shots are always fun! LOL

    Happy WW!

  2. says

    I love it! I think the 2nd one is my favorite pose.

  3. says

    That first one is really well done. It must have been fun getting him into just the right spot.

  4. says

    HAAA!!! Those are hilarious! Great, great photos!

  5. says

    Love those perspectives!

    I just clicked over from to say “Happy Wordless Wednesday!”

  6. Michelle says

    You are so strong to hold that up! Too fun for WW!

  7. says

    Great shots. It’s good to have a little photographic fun sometimes.

  8. says

    Great pictures. Love the expression on the second shots 😀

  9. Chrystiana says

    ok now hold it steady while I take this shot :)

  10. says

    Still love these! :) I have a friend with one where she’s kissing the Sphinx… funny! 😉

    • Audra Marie says

      I’m hoping to do more of those type pf photos – so fun!!

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