Organizing Happiness Review

Update: Organizing Happiness has been updated with a new look and a new name: “Creative Secrets To A Happy Home”, and it’s still available for free when you sign up for Mrs. Lorrie Flem’s newsletter!

It has been crazy busy here at our home. We had our homeschool Presentation Night, and I was the MC for it. My son played the harmonica to a worship song, and he did so good! Plus, God blessed us with a newer Suburban for a great price. Our old one has seen better days. On top of that, my son (same one) has come down with a nasty bug, and I’m fighting a sinus infection. Phew.

Even though it’s been a little chaotic around here, the systems we have in place have kept our home running as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. But home managers know that every system will need to be tweaked from time to time. I’ve been reading the ebook, Organizing Happiness, by Mrs. Lorrie Flem, and as soon as we get back to a more normal routine, I’ll be adding a couple of new ideas to our system.

The book is broken down into four areas:

    Top 7 Clutter Keepers
    7 Habits That Will Make You and Your Family Happier
    Spiritual Weapons for Happiness
    Organization Inspiration

This little gem is a quick read, and each section has seven points. I found new ideas as well as good reminders on the ones I know. I’m going to share a little about each section:

Top 7 Clutter Keepers
There were some fun new ideas mixed with familiar ones. In fact, one of the ideas, I had already implemented not too long ago, and wish I had thought about it years ago. (Hint: it’s the hamper one.) My favorite, and new to me, idea is to put a tray on the coffee table. What a great way to capture snack or drink clutter while keeping the room looking nice. Plus, I’ve got some fun ideas for tray makeovers, and now I have another place to use a tray. I think I saw a tray at the Salvation Army needing a makeover…

7 Habits That Will Make You and Your Family Happier
I had trouble picking a favorite habit because all seven of these are vital. From the ‘Prepare like (Mary) Poppins’ to the ‘Make Quiet Time a Habit’, I found treasures. I will be going back through each one of these and thinking through how to make them a steady habit in my life. This section is rich in encouragement.

Spiritual Weapons for Happiness
This section is alive with spiritual application. God has given us tools to arm ourselves with when it comes to walking out the day to day with our families. Why are we not empowering ourselves with God’s weapons daily? I love Mrs. Lorrie’s simple way of applying these seven items to our homes. I plan to print this section out and stick it in my Bible to remind myself.

Organization Inspiration
Now, this section didn’t necessarily have new ideas, but it had great reminders. I plan on using this section to train the kids and I in the habit of using these ideas when we go to tackle an organizing project. I’m going to print this section out and put it in my homemaking notebook along with a running list of areas in my home that need to be organized. Each time I go to work on an area, I’ll do these steps until it becomes natural. Since we’re planning to move sometime in the near future, I have a feeling I’ll be doing this routine often.

At the time I received this book, it was free for signing up for Mrs. Lorrie Flem’s newsletter. You can still sign up for her free newsletter at the top of her website, and receive a free ebook called, Secrets To A Happy Home.

I highly recommend, Organizing Happiness. If I lost my copy, at $5.97, I’d buy another one to replace it. She has several books I’ve got my eye on, a print magazine, a blog, and her newsletter – lots of encouragement for moms!


  1. says

    When life is busy crazy it’s so important to be organized, isn’t it.
    So glad you found some helpful hints in this e-book from Lorrie.
    BTW: Secrets to a Happy Home IS Organizing Happiness—just with an updated/new name :)

    • Audra Marie says

      I’ll add that to my review! Thanks. :)

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