Letters to My Daughters – One

Dearest Daughter,

I’m writing to you, my first born, the one I’ve made so many mistakes with, and grew up alongside. I remember laboring for over 36 hours as we both struggled to get you into this world. You refused to enter easy. Blue colored until pink warmth spread across your skin – life infusing.

Little Girl You often woke with a crazy look in your eye, and a wild mass of chaos on your head. A huge grin popped on your sweet face quick as a flash. Fun loving, creative, and sensible all wrapped into one. You amazed me, this little version of me, yet uniquely you.

I’m still amazed by you. Woman grown my little girl. Forever my little girl. My beautiful daughter, childhood past, womanhood newly wrapped around you. I marvel at who you’ve become, and who you have yet to be.

I’m proud of you. Not because of what you are doing-working hard, learning hard. No, I’m proud of you for going hard after dreams. You’ve found your passion in nursing and as an artist, and you are pursuing hard. Negative voices ring loud some days, yet you push on to meet the calling in your heart.

Remember precious daughter to keep Jesus always as your first passion, first love. Parents fail some days. Husbands fail some days. God never fails. He is so so faithful. He has stirred your compassion for people, your artist’s heart. So much like us, so much like your Heavenly Father, beautiful you.

I love you. For you.

Love always, your mama.

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