Knit Hats (& link up)

knit hats

When the grandparents came to visit for Christmas, grandma told the kids she would knit each one of them a hat. They were instructed to choose a hat pattern, and the colors they wanted for their hats. The last one recently arrived, and the kids all love them.

knit hats

Last year, I learned how to crochet. I also learned how to do some basic embroidery. Right now, I’m learning Brazilian Embroidery (challenging, but awesome). But knitting is calling to me – especially after seeing Chrystiana’s chocolate and blue hat! I plan to learn later this year. Anyone else know how to knit? Is it easy to pick up?

I leave you with a wish from our family to yours. I’d love for you to link up some of your knitting projects, or any fun post that fits with today’s link party.

One Thousand Gifts:

16. grandmas who knit cool hats

17. snuggles with my honey before we start our day

18. rainy days making everything fresh and green

19. boys who love to snuggle up in our bed – even after we’ve made it

20. girls in pretty dresses – just because

adj. spontaneously fanciful or playful; quaint, unusual, or fantastic

Wednesdays are fun days where creativity abounds. Share your D.I.Y. projects, home decor creations, room makeovers, handmade items – anything crafty and creative is welcome. Link your beautiful work, or maybe your ‘oops that didn’t come out right’ posts.

We love tutorials. Before and after photos are sublime. Showcase your stuff, and see what others are doing, too. You may pick up another must-do idea.

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  1. says

    Adorable! Lynzie learned to knit last year in MV and said it’s harder than crochet but not TOO bad. :)

    • Audra Marie says

      I’m looking forward to learning, but waiting until later this year. Too many other projects right now. :)

  2. says

    your hats are adorable very sweet looking on the kids I enjoyed viewing your sight.

    • Audra Marie says

      Thank you. My mom-in-love made them for the kids. Thanks for visiting, Nicole. :)

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