Fasting For a Break Through


I’ve fasted before. It blessed me, and I felt closer to God. But I’ve never fasted for a break through. Never prayed earnestly throughout a fast for a specific purpose. Until now.

I read a post yesterday called Dry Bones Come Alive. Logan from Life For Dessert talks about being in a dry spell, and needing to draw closer to the Lord. She proposed a fast, and my heart whispered, “Yes”. Yes, to fasting and drawing closer to God. Yes, to praying for a breakthrough in my life, and in my family. Yes, Lord, I will bow before you, and give all of this to You. You, my precious King.


I will fast from sugar, gluten, and dairy for 21 days. I’ve fasted from these before, and they are once again, trying to create a stronghold in my life. Out they go. Father, break the addiction, and justification.

I will fast from speaking harshly or yelling. This will be a challenge because I have a habit of letting irritation come through my voice. I will strive to speak softly during this fast. I may fail as I fight to change this, but I will repent, and move forward until this no longer holds power in my life. Lord, let the fruit of the Spirit flow in me, and through me, pouring out on those around me.


I will pray specifically for a breakthrough in my health. I will get on my knees and beseech the throne room for breakthroughs in my life, and in my family. Heavenly Father, hear me as I cry out to you these 21 days.

I have felt a strong pull to immerse myself in scripture. On that note, I’m joining the Bible in 90 Days challenge. It’s actually 99 days – a summer reading yes! She has a schedule/checklist you can print out. I’m actually starting late, but I’m ready to dive in. Speak to me, Lord. Impress your words on my heart and mind.

Today is day one of fasting, praying, and reading through the bible. This will be hard yet amazing. God hears the prayers of His people. He answers the cries of our heart. He honors obedience. My heart is ready, and expectant.

Do you have something you need a breakthrough in? Consider a time of fasting and praying, and expect God to move in your life. For more on the fast, and to sign up, visit Life for Dessert.

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