Encouragement Audio Bundle – Review & Giveaway

I’ve been walking in discouragement. I don’t know when it slipped an arm around my shoulder, and began to weigh me down. I didn’t realize who my companion was until I began listening to Lorrie Flem’s Encouragement Audio Set.

Discouragement slips in easy when you are tired, sick, or not spending time with the Lord. This is where I’ve been the past few weeks: tired, sick, and allowing busyness to eclipse my Jesus. But God is faithful to bring what we need to hear, read or see across our path at the right time, and in a way we can receive it.

As I sat listening to these audio files from Eternal Encouragement, God began to fill me with a renewed vision for my marriage, my mothering, my home, and my homeschool. I have fresh motivation to sit at the feet of my Savior. To seek Him first.

I can’t possibly share all the good nuggets I came away with because I took a lot of notes. Instead, I will say I found encouragement, practical ideas to use in training my children, and inspiration to apply to my home and teaching. Now that I’ve listened to the whole thing, I can go back and re-listen to key areas as I need them.

In case you can’t read the names of the audio files in the picture, I’ll list them here:

  • Keys to a Queenly Castle
  • Attitude Adjustments
  • Cheerful Children and Challenging Chores
  • Encouragement for the Weary Homeschooler
  • Teach So They’ll Learn
  • Dawdling and Diligence
  • Welcome Home Daddy
  • Doing Enough and Fortifying the Foundation
  • There are outlines to go with all but one audio file. A couple of times I didn’t hear what was supposed to fill a blank, but it didn’t matter. I filled in most of it, took copious notes around the edges of my printouts, and have already begun applying what I heard. Lorrie confirmed what my husband and I thought we needed to do with our kids, but it helped hearing a practical working out of the idea. God has been inspiring changes in our family, and I’ll be sharing more in future posts.

    You can enter to win the Encouragement: Colorado Power Pack from Lorrie. You will need the name of my blog (audrasilva.com) along with your name and email address.

    A question for you:
    Which audio file would you want to listen to first, and why did you pick that one?

    I received this audio set for the purpose of reviewing it here on my blog. The opinions I expressed are mine, and based on my personal experience. You can read my full disclosure policy here.


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