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I go about my days as a mom and wife mind busy on tasks needing my attention. The minutes turn to hours turn to days…and I realize the disconnect. Have I taken time at my Savior’s feet? Crying out on behalf of those I love? Have I sought His will, His plan?

My husband comes home at day’s end. We talk about our days apart, eager for time together. Yet, do we really connect? Heart bared to heart, hearing what goes unsaid?

Two children, married, and gone from home now. How do I connect long distance when things are still left undone? And the four still here by my side day in, day out? Do I connect with their hearts daily? Or even weekly? Or does time go by with the busyness of home school and housework…

Father, help me to connect, really connect with You, with my husband, and my children. Help it to spill over with heart connections to friends and others you bring along. Help me to see what You see, to hear what You hear…help me to connect in ways that mean something. My heart cries out for more.

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  1. Oh, my heart’s cry and yours is so much the same.

    I am taking some time off next week, and regularly for a week at a time, so I can reconnect to God, deeply.

    You have a beautiful heart, my friend :)
    Michele-Lyn recently posted:Connect {Five Minute Friday}

    • I’ve felt a tug to plan mini breaks through the year for this same purpose. If Jesus needed time alone with the Father, how much more do I need that? :)

  2. I really loved your reflections here. I feel the same as you in so many ways :) I often find that when I connect to God first /i can connect better with those around me.
    Stopping by from 5 minute Friday today!

    • That is where I am – making it a practice to connect daily with God, and then a time of even deeper searching Him out through the year. It’s so vital. Thanks for visiting. :) I’ll be by to visit you soon. :)

  3. We share the same desire, bless you.
    Denise recently posted:5 Minute Friday/Connect

    • Its an awesome desire to have, Denise. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading your Connect post, too. :)

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