Who Am I?


Now that is a loaded question! Who am I indeed?! I’m a woman who loves Jesus, is head over heals in love with her husband, and dearly loves her children. I am blessed even though some days I seem to forget how much. You know, when that daily grind hits, and I let my question become “what work can I get done?” instead of “what relationships can I build?”

I’m passionate about life, and I’m learning everyday how to live an intentional one. A life where I quit running to put out fires, and instead live fully right where I am–confident in who and whose I am. A life that ebbs and flows according to the Spirit, and not my every whim. Oh how my whims can quickly turn to chaos if not tempered with wisdom!

I’m learning. I fail often. But I try again. And again. Isn’t that how it should be? Pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and move forward once more. It helps with God before me, my husband beside me, and my family around me.


What will you find here? As my tag line says, I am “sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, always real”. I am random. I have an ADHD mind. I love life. Creativity sometimes flows faster than I can do anything about. I’m colorful as you will see with my ever changing hair. You will find all of this here.


I write and speak about faith, marriage, family, home education, home making, decorating, creativity, photography, writing, crafting, books, beauty, fitness, music–pretty much everything I love about this amazing life God has given me. I write about good times. I share about hard times. Because life is full of joy and sorrow. Peace and chaos. Beauty and ugliness.

I write life.

I’d love to have you join me in this journey. You can subscribe, follow, like, etc. by clicking the links in my header. If you think you might like to guest post, please check out my blog, get a feel for who my audience might be, and then you are welcome to contact me. You can also check out my disclosure page about sponsors, reviews, and affiliate links.

audra2 What else do I love?

  • dancing
  • vintage
  • laughter
  • creating something fun
  • sunshine
  • nature
  • jet skiing
  • history
  • extended family
  • friends
  • Davey (our Standard Poodle)
  • Lady Muse (my cat)
  • crackling fires
  • snuggling
  • soft things
  • hoodies
  • traveling
  • to name a few things.

    Just one big, fun-loving, goofy family…



      • Audra Marie says

        Thanks for visiting Joii!

      • Audra Marie says

        Thank you! What a wonderful surprise to come home to. :) I’ll write a post about it this week. :)

      • Audra Marie says

        Oh that is so funny. Glad to meet another ADD mind. I can’t wait to find out how this week’s trial went tomorrow. And you’ve really got me rethinking my own systems. :)

    1. says

      Can’t believe how much we have in common, including an ADD mind. :-) So glad you stopped by my blog. Looking forward to getting your updates!

      • Audra Marie says

        Sorry for the delay in approving your comments. It’s been a little crazy as we get back into the homeschool group activities again. :)

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