Biannual Blogathon Bash

Biannual Blogathon Bash

This is an awesome event for bloggers. I’ve participated a few times now, and I love it every time. The Biannual Blogathon Bash is held twice a year (January and June) and lasts for a weekend. It’s a great way to meet other bloggers, get to those bloggy tasks you keep putting off, complete mini challenges as desired, and possibly win a prize. For free.

This weekend, guys. It’s happening this weekend. Perfect timing as I reconnect with writing and blogging again.

I learned so much from the last sessions. For example, see the little pink heart in the black circle on the browser tab? I did that courtesy of a previous mini challenge. Plus so much more.

I’m looking forward to meeting new people, reconnecting with others from before and learning new things. If you have a blog, it’s worth signing up (no cost) and checking out the mini challenges. You might find something you’ve been meaning to try or do. This may give you that boost.

If you do sign up, let me know. We can cheer each other on.


sunrise with moon

I hit burn out a while back. Writing burn out. Reviewing burn out. Blogging burn out. With a hospital stay yielding zero results, holidays with lots of company, and packing almost everything we own, I had nothing left to give beyond my own family. Exhausted I needed a time of pulling back. I had no idea it would be six months past New Year’s.

My word for this year: Embrace. And I embraced this need to rest.

We’ve been in a holding pattern since January 12th. The day my husband officially started working full time in his new job. The day we switched to weekends with him here at home, and weekdays where he works and lives five hours away. Our oldest daughter, husband and baby have graciously welcomed him into their home. They even gave him his own room complete with desk…

The waiting is hard. Yet, there has been an ease to it at the same time. God’s grace meeting us in the not yet. We are trusting in His timing for the right family to buy our home, and release us to bring our family together once more.

In the waiting, a strong desire to be who God created me to be arose fierce and bold. A fight deep inside to break free from chains I bound around myself long ago. To truly live in the freedom and love God has given me. He has blessed me with many gifts, and they are stirring in my heart and mind and spirit. I long to sing and dance and capture life and create and love and give and explore…and write. Yes, I long to write again. Here on this blog as well as other places.

I’m stretching and toning and strengthening these muscles lain dormant too long. Far too long. Maybe even my whole life really. I’m discovering my words, my voice, my movements…my passions.

Up until now I have been as a caterpillar crawling along, cautious and timid, never venturing far into what God and His creation offers. This time of waiting has been a cocoon of sorts. A wrapping of God’s arms around me as I struggle against the changes taking place in my heart and mind. Changes I know I need to make.

Yet, comfort lies in the familiar. To step out into the new is to be vulnerable and uncomfortable. And right where God would have me.

Despite my wrestling, metamorphosis takes a natural course because deep inside is the knowing. The deep knowledge of God and His goodness. I know I am His, and He is worthy of all of me. ALL of me. All I have and all I am. All of my giftings. All of my love and devotion and worship. All of me.

As the caterpillar cannot halt it’s transformation, I am compelled to embrace mine. I am emerging, stretching and testing. I am teetering on the edge-almost ready. So close. So very close to opening these wings, leaping into the air and taking flight.

Oh the places God and I shall go. The things we shall see.

This is my yes.

What is your yes? Are you using your gifts? Pursuing your dreams?

The “Summer’s Flying By Reading Challenge” Winner

Thank you Karen Blaha for the use of your photo.

Well, I totally missed announcing the winner last Friday because I was wrapped up with my granddaughter’s birth! We got the call Thursday at noonish, packed quickly, and drove the five hours to be with her. She labored all that night, and little Brooklyn arrived at 7:32 Friday morning…after about 33 hours of labor. I felt like a truck had dragged me along the street, then ran over me a couple of times. I imagine my daughter and her husband felt about like that, too. I crashed early Friday night.

And then house hunting began…because we are moving near here. Everything surrounding the move has been rather sudden, and we are hoping to move in January if we can find a place by then.

I also didn’t have internet for the first few days here. We were supposed to head home today, but the weather turned nasty, and we can’t make the five hour drive through ice and snow safely. Wiser to stay.

But now I have a chance to announce the winner! So, I’m writing the two names on paper, swirling them around and having one of my kids draw the name. Drumroll…

Well, that took a few minutes because two of them wrestled for the opportunity. I had them pick a number, and finally got my draw-er. So without further ado, our winner is…


Congratulations, Kym!! Watch for an email from me verifying your email address.

Thank you everyone for participating, and for your patience over a couple of bumps along the way.

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