Fascinating Chemistry (A Review)

Fascinating Education gave us access to their Fascinating Chemistry course for reviewing purposes. The courses are presented through a slideshow format great for audio and visual learners. Along with the slideshow presentation, each lesson also includes a text version of the lesson and an online test. The courses cover topics one would find in a […]


It’s been a long day today. I wanted to get so much done, but my brain wouldn’t cooperate. Some days are like that. Those are the days where you are so tired, and bed is so very welcome. You crawl in expecting sweet slumber… And. Your. Mind. Won’t. Shut. Off. I’ve been battling insomnia a […]

NaBloPoMo AKA Blogging Marathon

Sometimes life gets a little nutty. You feel like it’s wildly out of control, and you just want something sane in the midst of it all. This will sound weird, but the sanity in the middle of my life will be the craziness of a blogging marathon called NaBloPoMo. And no, I’m not speaking some […]

Tap Dance Off Between Priests

This is such a fun tap dance duel…the tap dancing starts about a minute in. Enjoy!