Third Day – I Need A Miracle

I’ve been struggling lately. I’m overwhelmed with all the changes that have rapidly hit and the changes needing to be made to overcome what life has thrown my way. This song is just what I needed to hear… Here’s some more from Third Day…

Preschoolers and Peace (A Review)

Preschoolers and Peace sent me a copy of their eBook, Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling Older Kids With Success While Loving the Little Ones at Your Feet to review. Now, you may or may not remember that I have reviewed for this vendor before. I loved the book about Circle Time, and we still use ideas […]

Fix It Grammar (A Review)

Fix It Grammar (A Review)

Institute for Excellence in Writing sent me Fix It! Grammar for reviewing purposes. I received both The Nose Tree Teacher’s Manual Book 1 and The Nose Tree Student Book 1. Fix It! Grammar is geared towards 3rd grade and up. Both books are spiral bound for ease in everyday use. The Student Book contains a […]

Brandon Heath And Third Day

Sometimes when we’re struggling, it’s good to remind ourselves of the basic faith points. I love how these guys came together to sing Creed. Check it out… I hope it blesses you.