HomeSchoolPiano (A Review)

HomeSchoolPiano (A Review)

I love music! Seriously. Love. It. And I’ve passed that love on to my children as has my husband. One thing I wanted my kids to take were piano lessons, but with several kids, I could never justify the cost really. Something always seemed more important at the time. So once again, I’m reminded of […]

Amazing Grace – Chris Tomlin

It’s been a long few days as we wait to see if our cat is going to make it. Our pets become family, and our hearts are heavy as we watch her continue to refuse food and water. We’re praying for a miracle, but also preparing for the possibility of losing her. The vet has […]

Go Science DVDs (A Review)

Library and Educational Services sent me two Go Science Series 2 DVDs to review: Volume Two featuring Life Science and Weather and Volume Seven covering Engineering, Design, and Flight (you may need to log in to view some of the product pages). Before I share more about the DVDs, let me first tell you a […]