Dream A Little Dream

dream a little dream

I dream of living a life where laughter fills the air along with real talks about real things.
I dream of walking along the ocean or a mountain lake with family and friends.
I dream of solitude and togetherness.
I dream of kindness, love and joy bubbling up and out, and washing over others.
I dream of travel and a beautiful home to come back to.
I dream of music and singing and dancing.
I dream of capturing life through the lens of my camera.
I dream of words flowing in poetry or prose; hands dancing across the keyboard; pen scratching on paper.
I dream of beauty, strength and grace.    
I dream…
                               a little dream…
                                                                     of dreams come true.

I’ve shared my dream of a bold, intentional, arms wide open kind of living.
What do you dream?

Share in the comments and perhaps we can work towards turning our dreams into realities.
Together as friends should.


Joining the Five Minute Friday writers for the writing prompt: dream.

(Un)National No Reason Day


Today marks the first ever (Un)National No Reason Day! What is that you ask? Well, my youngest munchkin, Amber, decided to make today a holiday where she wanted to bless her mama for no reason. She presented me with both a card and high hopes this would become a family holiday. I helped her define what exactly the holiday entails (she tends to have beautifully large and creative ideas), and how often we might want to celebrate it. So without further adieu, I present to you…

(Un)National No Reason Day is celebrated each month on the 24th by doing something for someone else for no reason other than to make them smile. Isn’t that a perfect reason for a holiday? We think so. Your gift can be as simple as giving someone a hug, or grandiose like planning a special outing. It can cost nothing or something, be little or big, simple or complex. It’s all about making someone feel good just because.

Amber is making a treat for our family to enjoy, and I’m making a point to look for opportunities to love on each of my kids. Lots of hugs, more yeses, and sweet messages.

I hope you join us in making this holiday a monthly event of spreading a little joy in the world. I even made a button you can snag because everyone loves buttons, of course. If you could help spread the word, Amber would be thrilled. We would love to know how you choose to celebrate (Un)National No Reason Day today.

My 500 Words


The other day I shared about how the desire to write has begun to well up inside again. Not just a need to blog again, but to write for the sake of writing. Poetry. Fiction. Non fiction. Journaling. I want the words building inside to flow out on paper and keyboard alike.

I’ve been around prolific writers enough to know growing as a writer requires…writing. A daily practice of pouring words out without worrying about the editor inside. She can have her turn later.

I need the habit of writing.

I ran across a post the other day by Jeff Goins: My 500 Words: A Writing Challenge, and decided this would be a great way to begin meeting my goal. I have to admit, I’m on day three and it’s been hard to sit down and do it.

Day one I had the newness to rev me up, but these past two days, I’ve been SO TIRED. It would be easy to put off the challenge since I don’t have any pressing deadlines or anything yet. But that will never build this daily practice habit. So I will press on and at the end of these 31 days, I hope to see a wide variety of poetry and prose left in my wake. Some of it might even be good.

How about you? Are you a writer? Have you developed a daily habit of writing? Is it word count based or time based?

If you want to join me in creating a solid habit of writing daily, I’d love the company.